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I was browsing through Hindi movies section on Netflix, to watch instantly last saturday, when I saw a Marathi movie in the list. I had heard about the movie “Harishchandrachi Factory” but had not watched it till then. As me and Hubby started watching the movie that night, our jaws literally kept dropping to the floor at every daring moment in Dadasaheb’s struggle to make the first Indian motion picture.

Although the movie is made in Marathi, it has subtitles and can be easily understood by non Marathi speaking viewers. This was India’s entry for the Oscars but sadly didnt make it through to the nominations.

The movie depicts the struggles and efforts of Dadasaheb Phalke in making the first cinema in India. It depicts the support he received from his wife and children and friends in achieving his goals. At the time when people were scared to pose in front of a camera for the fear that it will suck energy/life out of them, Dadasaheb had the courage and determination to learn the technicalities of making a motion picture. He didn’t falter even when his eyes gave up after repeatedly watching the then playing english movie. Just because he believed it could prove to be a very good business. He declined offers to setup his movie making business in London but instead worked to promote it in his own country.

He is very aptly called the father of Indian Cinema.However beyond a few awards in his name I don’t think we have done enough to honour this great legend. In fact this is the first good commercial movie made, based on his life that has caught everyone’s attention.

Every movie lover should watch this as a tribute to the great man.

about the history of Indian Cinema.


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