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I am no guru on this subject. I just started blogging myself. There is no set of rules which can guide you what you should blog about and what you shouldn’t. How much is okay and how much is too much. And even if there is any such thing I don’t think many would like to follow it. But like all other things in life, blogging should also have some ethics right? I am not posting any list of blogging ethics which I think every blogger should stick to. This is just what I am thinking about the blogging experience so far.

Lately I have been doing a lot of blog hoping. I don’t know when I got addicted to reading blogs but I think it must have been almost 2 years now. I find it really marvelous, this superb concept of blogging your heart out. Whoever came up with this idea of having a space to blog is simply brilliant. It’s amazing how within a few years all the people confiding in their personal diaries came out and filled every nook and corner on the internet. Blogging also helps in getting others point of views as against just writing to oneself in the diary.

I don’t remember why exactly I decided to start this blog. I didn’t even keep a diary. My only diary was my husband who listened to me every evening, about every small thing that happened during the day. And then there were some thoughts which just kept lingering in my mind. I think I was too tired to keep thinking to myself. It is after all nice to find out what others have to say about your thoughts, total strangers giving their opinion.

People who don’t entertain comments on their blog are rare. I am sure everyone who blogs loves to hear back from readers. Those who don’t just choose to keep their blogs private.
But there are few others who have rules for the comments. They entertain only the good ones. And delete bad ones. Fair enough. It’s your personal space and you are free to do whatever you want. …err.. whatever? Really? Can one really trick oneself into believing that he or she can get away with anything they post on their blogs?

I read some bloggers who have a very huge readership. Anything they post is responded with zillions of comments. All their views are seconded and it includes really strong views about whatever is going on in the world currently. All personal attacks they make on people whom they don’t deem fit to deserve an honorable space in the world, are responded with more personal attacks. People use all the bad words they can think of to express their discontent. Venting is okay, as long as you are not attacking anyone with abuses and more importantly overdoing it again and again. Though I love these blogs, their style of writing, I get scared to post a comment if I beg to differ. I am not sure how it will be addressed by the blogger.

Shouldn’t bloggers realize that anything they post has the power of influencing the audience? And hence have to be more careful what they write about. Shouldn’t bloggers take difference of opinions as much gracefully as they entertain likeminded views? Isn’t it rude to simply tell readers to not read if you don’t agree? They cannot declare that this is my personal space and I am free to do whatever I want to. Nothing is personal once you hit the publish button. The moment you publish something you invite others to read it. And people who feel strongly either for or against are sure to comment.
Deleting rude or obscene comments is one thing and saying “Get lost” to people who don’t agree is another. There is a fine line between freedom of expression and personal attack. And that goes for both the bloggers and the commenters. Don’t you think?


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Read here the news of some Cops gone wild…… and then the mob too.

One man, Oscar Grant was shot dead on a railway platform by a cop on the new years day. What a start to the New Year!
Many people watched and some also captured videos of the gruesome act. It was soon followed by a series of interrogations of the witnesses and replaying of the video of the actual killing over and over again on new channels. You can search the video and watch it if you are interested. I didn’t want to add that link here on my blog. I was sick and tired of watching that horrible act of one stupid cop pulling out his gun and shooting a disarmed man. God knows what he was thinking when he did that. Took an innocent life and ruined his career for ever.

There were a lot of people voicing there protests over the whole episode and asking for murder charges being pressed against the officer involved. In the meantime the officer involved resigned. And there were also report of death threats for his family. What followed next were rallies near the station to condemn the killing.

It was good of people to organize such events to support the grieving family and making sure that this horrible act doesn’t go unpunished. It was all fine and normal, the way society was reacting, till rallies slowly started getting more and more aggressive. Angry people from these rallies started vandalizing the shops around the stations. More than 50 businesses were affected. Local people, employees working in the neighborhood, regular commuters found it unsafe to be around during the time when these rallies were taking place.
The outrage of the society over such issues is totally understandable, but what is this about destroying everything that you see in the path? Who are these people? Are they really concerned about the incident that took place here? Or are they just venting there frustration over something else? Are they really showing their support to the family of the deceased? Or are they taking revenge with the system for injustice done to them sometime in their past? People think they have the right to protest to any injustice by doing more injustice. People believe that if they shout louder they become mightier.
These people have taken the old proverb “Actions Speak Louder than words” in a really wrong way.
May God give strength to the Grant Family and sense to these scatterbrained swarms.

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A painful incident

Earlier this week a person who works in my company shared a tragic incident with us. One month back his 2 year old daughter got her hand caught in a paper shredder. The details of the unfortunate incident are too heart-rending to post here, and all I can mention is that it caused irreversible damage to 2 of her fingers. While the sole intention of his posting the incident to the entire mailing list was educating parents and would be parents, he further added that he contacted his attorneys to file a case against the manufacturer, but was turned down saying it is negligence in supervision.

It is very sad to happen to anyone and we cannot even imagine what the parents must be going through. I can totally understand if in the heat of the moment, the person feels like killing anybody who ever had a hand in making that shredder, but seriously is it the manufacturers job to baby proof such appliances? Is it their responsibility or ours to make sure kids don’t wander near appliances that can cause them harm? And yet whenever such things happen, whenever an agony or pain is caused to someone we love, we first think of blaming someone else instead of owning up to our mistakes. Does it make our pain less thinking that it was caused by something or someone else?

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One more down…

…and God only know how many more to go.

After the downfall of financial institutions it is now time for Indian software giants.
News about Satyam downsizing had started surfacing few months back but this news is a big blow to the software industry. Thousand will be laid off adding to the woes of those who are already searching for jobs. Wrong management decisions and the employees pay the price.

Not fair !!!!

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Pirates of Blogosphere

Steal (Definitions from http://www.dictionary.com) :
1. to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, esp. secretly or by force
2. to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment

When extended to written content on the web is called Plagiarism. Although plagiarism is not a criminal offense it is no different than stealing. People copy content all the time, intentionally or unintentionally. I wonder how different these people must be in real life. Do they limit stealing to only contents on internet? Or extending it to everything? One can even sympathize with actual thieves who may steal to support their family or something like that, but not with bloggers who pass others content as theirs. Coz blogging is totally optional. Nobody is gonna kill you if you don’t post anything on your blog.

I recently came across once such person who very conveniently is passing others materials as hers. She is also modifying it a bit to suit her. It is amazing to what level she has gone. She is copying movie reviews, poems, dreams and also weird things about oneself.

Why do I care? 2 reasons.

One she copied material from a blog I read regularly.

And second, I started blogging recently. It would be really annoying if anyone copied my thoughts and ideas and post as theirs. Not that I think I write so well that such trolls are dying to copy my content.

But I have faced one such thing myself when someone created a fake profile on Orkut.com and posted my photos as hers. She was using my picture as her profile picture. She was making friends using my face. I was horrified at that time. I had not even uploaded those photographs anywhere. She had flicked them from one of my friend’s online album. We could not find who he or she was but all my friends supported me in reporting the profile as bogus. I also sent threatening messages to the profile owner saying I have reported it to the cops. Apparently it worked and the profile was deleted within minutes.

I think bloggers who rip content from other sites and do not even acknowledge it should be stoned with messages. With increasing incidents of such plagiarism, even the punishments for such people should increase. It is not enough to just write one post about them. People should openly point such things out and put links on their blogs highlighting such blogs. So that readers and bloggers can monitor them and ensure that such things are not repeated. If it is publicity they seek, lets give them one, but in a bad way. Let them get traffic directed from our blogs till they bring down all the copied posts and apologize.

So here is the first pirate, Ms Mansi –  Salty Sea Breeze

Edited to Add: The above blog has been removed now. Try an original one now Ms Mansi.

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Shallow Greetings

“Happy New Year”,

” Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2009”.

 “Wish you all moments full with joy, cheer, days filled with peace, success, prosperity & happiness”.

“Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year”.


I received these and many more messages of this kind in the past few days. Some from people I know very well and some, from people who are just acquaintances.


Every year on new years we wish success and happiness to our family, friends, relatives, colleagues and even random strangers we meet. We always reply back saying “wish you the same” whenever someone wishes us. But do we really mean it? Do we really care what the person is doing in life or how the coming year will be for him or her if he or she is not close enough to us? Do we really want to wish that person success in everything, even if the person is planning to destroy the world? This may sound too extreme, but what I want to say is, how can we wish anything for anyone without knowing him well? We reply coz it’s the most polite thing to do. We certainly don’t mean what we say every time.


People send New Year greetings like it is a trend. I get a lot of email messages with flowers and birds and pictures embedded every year. One person takes the efforts to create it and others simply forward it. I don’t understand what people think when they send common messages to all contacts in their mails. A lot of whom they only contact when they send emails like these.


So this year, I only wished those people who really make a difference in my life. I did not reply to messages that were sent to all or in which I was added as BCC. This meant that a common message was sent to every person the sender ever had contact with in email.

It may sound rude to some. But I don’t think every message/greeting that we receive is real and I simply don’t want to reciprocate the same.

Coz that would just make them shallow greetings.

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