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Some Random Stuff

1. I have stopped watching TV completely. I come home, place my laptop on the kitchen counter and start watching episodes of some old serials while i cook. This way i dont feel i am wasting my time cooking 🙂 So when Hubby comes home late (which is almost everyday) i am not mad at him.

2. We dont watch TV while having dinner either. Because of which I dont laze around on the couch after dinner and instead complete all post dinner kitchen work promptly. That leaves me ample time to read a book or just simply surf the net before I hit the bed. I have noticed that my life is much more organised when I dont watch TV.

3. We have actually started using our dinning table for dinning. Something we never ever did in the past 3 years. Earlier the dinning table was just used to hold random clutter in the house. Now that we are putting it to use, it looks much neater and cleaner.

4. I went for camping twice this year but didnt write a post about it. I should be writing about it soon.

5. I bought a father’s day card 2 weeks back but forgot to send it. I barely managed to post it today just before the mailing and shipping dept closes. It probably wont reach in time. But i think it is the thought that counts.

6. I have been going to gym everyday this week. My weight reduced around 3 pounds compared to last week.I wanted to start a series like Fitness Fridays or something on this blog where I would post weekly updates of my weightloss. But i think i will wait one more week to see if this streak continues.

7. The Sai Baba temple in my area, where I go every thursday, is moving to a new location this weekend. It is a bigger and better location and it will be closer to my workplace now. But I dont know why i feel sad that it will no longer be at the place where it used to be.

8. I ate Alphonso mangoes from India this season. Hubby ordered them from a website. They were really costly but for someone who hasnt had any for 5 years, they were priceless.

9. There was a flying insect in my cube today, somthing like a moth. I noticed it while I was about to leave for a coffee break. Actually it chased me out. When i returned my collegues told me that it went somewhere else. Now my collegues know how much i freak out at any insect sightings 😦

10. I recently realised my favourite pastime is cleaning and organising the house. One friday when Hubby was stuck with some work in office, I thought I should use my time cleaning the cabinets in the kitchen instead of wasting time waiting for Hubby. I spent nearly 4 hours on a friday evening cleaning and organizing stuff in my kitchen and still wasnt tired. I was happy and greeted Hubby with a smiling face when he came home. Something he is not used to expect when he has ruined my evening with his work. We went out for dinner and then watched a movie on netflix. Ever since that day whenever Hubby is glued to his laptop, I divert my attention to the clutter in my house that needs some organizing or even rearrange already organised stuff.


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