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Guess Who???

The most despicable scum of the earth…
The most disgusting person I ever had to deal with in my entire life…
The most worthless, wretched, loathsome individual I have met so far…
The one person I can give anything to get rid of…
The one person I hate so much that I feel like shooting myself for my inability to walk away when he walks into the room…
The one person who is getting intolerable day by day…
The one person for whom my patience is running out like a bushfire in a dry forest…
The one person for whom I don’t wish any physical harm but pray to God every day that he goes away…

I have never hated anybody so much in my life. But this one person is getting difficult to handle day by day. He is the reason for so many stressful sleepless night I have spent. He is the reason I hate to go to work even though I really enjoy what I am doing.

Yes he is my BOSS… Bad Obnoxious Sordid Sucker

And this is how I have felt for every single day of the past 2.5 years that I have worked with him and yet there is very little that I can do to get myself out of the circumstances which compel me to deal with him. Only thing I can do is vent my frustration with family and friends.

I am sure there might be many worse managers out there, and mine might not top that list but he is too much for me to handle right now.

Some of his top annoying habits:
– He barges in on any meeting and gives his inputs like he knows everything and goes on and on even when other are giving him the i-don’t-know-what-you-are-talking-about look
– He patronizes us in front of employees from other groups
– He reprimands us for doing something which he himself had been doing till now
– He schedules meeting at 5 PM, on the day before the long weekend for something that can wait till later.
– He makes issue out of a non issue and wastes everyone’s time getting updates on the same.
– He manipulates us and makes it very obvious. And literally laughs when he knows we cannot do anything about it.
– He walks in when we are having good time with our colleagues and intrudes in the discussion by make jokes at our expense.
– He has the worst communication skills
– Doesn’t display even an iota of leadership skills
– And cannot hold up when dealing with managers from groups… result.. we suffer..

There is no arguing with him coz that just makes matters worst. I know he holds a grudge and never forgets. He gets back at the slightest opportunity, which he being my managers, he finds plenty. Sometimes i try to reason with him. If I dont agree on some points i make sure i try to understand his real rationale behind the disagreement. But with him it is always my way or highway.
Sometimes when i dont have the patience to put up with him, I just give up and agree to whatever he says.

It’s not just me, every person in my team has the same view of him and yet there is nothing any of us can do to fix him. You may ask how did he got promoted to be a manager when he has no leadership skills at all.

Well he was the senior most employee in the team when his boss quit and whatever little managerial skill he has gained are through on job training. Which also means he has a long way to go before he can be better manager and find a better job elsewhere.

We contemplated going to his manager but the fact that he has stayed on for so long could mean that he might have a good setting done with his manager. Off course if all of us unite and go together to the management, they would be forced to take some action.But I don’t think my team is united enough to take this step. Although everyone of us feel the same about him there is nothing we can do. I would have quit long back if not for this recession and my status in this country and the fact that I really love my work.

Each one of us in the team get along very well with each other. We all love our work and really enjoy working with each other. It is just this one sucker we need to learn to ignore. I wouldnt mind a manager who is very demanding. One who makes you work like crazy as long as you think he is worthy of being your manager. But a sucker like him who doles shit at at you is really undesirable.

Sometimes I feel, it was good I had the opportunity to deal with such a person. Atleast every next manager will seem better compared to him. He does actually teaches me a lot of self control. Maybe I can learn to see this as a learning opportunity some day and not get frustrated for having to deal with him. But till that day, I will just be stuck with a worthless jerk trying to annoy the hell out of me.


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