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What did you do?

Saw everyone in the blogworld doing this tag. Looked interesting, so taking it up. And also because I am bored at work rt now. not that I dont have stuff to work on, but its time for my afternoon dose of chocolates and I need to do something different and more interesting than work to stay away from them.

So the rule is – Strike out all that you have done from the following list.

1. Graduated high school – Yes Off course!!

2. Kissed someone – 🙂

3. Smoked a cigarette – I kinda tried. not a real one though. When I was a about 5-6 yrs old, me and my friend wanted to know how it feels to smoke a cigarette. So we rolled a paper, lighted it at one end, blew it out immediately and tried to swallow the smoke from the other end of the roll. No points guessing what happened next… we were coughing for a long time. Never ever attempted it again.

4. Got so drunk you passed out – Yes. One weekend we finished 2 litres of alcohol ( 1 litre baileys + 1 litre vodka) between 5 of us. The next day, I woke up with a very bad hang over. The house was stinking of orange juice,vodka, chocolate and coffee. I vowed never to drink again so much after that.

5. Rode every ride at an amusement park – Both and Hubby and me are crazy about thrill rides and try to cover all at any park.

6. Collected something stupid – I used to collect a lot of useless stuff.

7. Gone to a rock concert – Nope 😦

8. Helped someone – All the time!!

9. Gone fishing – No.

10. Watched four movies in one night – Definitely done more than that. I am crazy for movies.

11. Lied to someone – A lot of times. Karna padta hai!!! Life…

12. Snorted cocaine – Never!!

13. Smoked Weed – Never!!!

14. Failed a subject – Thank God…Never!!!

15. Been in a car accident – Yeah!! Once on a freeway. There was already a 3 car accident in front of me and traffic had stopped. I had to break really hard to stop without hitting the car in front. The car behind me also barely managed to stop. But the one behind it couldn’t. That car hit the car behind me which hit my car eventually. The impact was not big and my car just had minor scratches. but I was behaving like a paranoid on the road for some days after that.. post crash trauma…

16. Been in a tornado – Not exactly. But there was a level 5 warning in the area that I was living. Thankfully it didn’t touch down.

17. Watched someone die – NO

18. Been to a funeral – Yes 😦

19. Burned yourself – Yeah!! When i was a kid i lighted a matchstick, held it upside down and started crying when it started burning my fingers. I didnt let go even after repeatedly told by the elders. What a funny sight it must have been…

20. Run a marathon – No

21. Cried yourself to sleep – Maybe once or twice

22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day – Yes! 🙂

23. Flown on an aeroplane – Yes!

24. Cheated on someone – Never

25. Been cheated on – Never

26. Written a 10 page letter – Never written but I did receive a 7 page letter from Hubby once. I am curious to know when he wrote back then… need to go find it today.

27. Gone skiing -Yes! Didn’t enjoy it though. The shoes were very heavy and they were hurting and I kept falling again and again…

28. Been sailing – Yes 🙂

29. Cut yourself – Not on purpose but Yes

30. Had a best friend – Still have..

31. Lost someone you loved – Thankfully NO

32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do – Yes… My brother and I would set each other up many times.

33. Stolen a book from the library – Never!

34. Gone to a different country – Yes!

35. Watched the Harry Potter movies – Yes!

36. Had an online diary – Yes, if this blog counts.

37. Fired a gun – Yes.. plastic ones 😦

38. Gambled in a casino – Yes! Vegas and Atlantic City!!

39. Been in a school play – Yes!

40. Been fired from a job – Thankfully NO

41. Taken a lie detector test – Never

42. Swam with dolphins – No. Dont intend to either. I am scared.

43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show – Yes.

44. Written poetry – Yes. A lot.. Was very kiddish though.

45. Read more than 20 books a year – Ha! I wish i could read that fast.

46. Gone to Europe – If stop overs count, Yes 🙂

47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have – Nah!

48. Used a coloring book over age 12 – Yes recently. My boss’ 6 yr old daughter came to office once and she had her coloring book. i was so tempted to color one myself I borrowed it from her. 🙂

49. Had a surgery – No

50. Had stitches – No

51. Taken a Taxi – Yes!

52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once – Yes!

53. Been in a fist fight – Yes.. a lot of times, with my brother and once I also picked up a fight with a boy in our apartment because he was calling names to some other friend of ours. I was 11 yrs old at that time.

54. Suffered any form of abuse Verbal – Yes 😦

55. Had a pet – No.

56. Petted a wild animal – Yes…Deers and Rhinos !!!

57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it – Yes!

58. Dyed your hair – No.. but i want to try it once.

59. Got a tattoo – No… but i am seriously think of getting one.

60. Had something pierced – Yes.. Ears!

61. Got straight As – Yes 🙂

62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS – No

63. Taken pictures with a webcam – Yes 😦

64. Lost something expensive – Yes.

65. Gone to sleep with music on – Yes


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Tag Time: Answer in one word

I was just thinking about writing up a new post when I saw that G had tagged me for this.
The rules are that you have to answer in one word but I think it will be very difficult to stick to the rule. And afterall rules are meant to be broken, so here it goes:

1.Where is your cell phone?

On my desk

2.Your hair?

Feel Silky today.

3.Your mother?

An Angel.

4.Your father?

I miss him 😦

5.Your favorite food?


6.Your dream last night?

Dont remember

7.Your favorite drink?


8.Your dream/goal?

My dream House

9.What room are you in?

My Cubicle in Office

10.Your hobby?


11.Your fear?


12.Where do you want to be in 6 years?

Back home (India)

13.Where were you last night?

In Bed

14.Something that you aren’t?



Calories 😦

16.Wish list item?


17.Where did you grow up?


18.Last thing you did?


19.What are you wearing?

Clothes !! Duh!!

20.Your TV?

Is Old 😦

21.Your pets?

Never existed.


Miss them too.

23.Your life?

Is Beautiful

24.Your mood?


25.Missing someone?

India 😦


Toyota Camry

27.Something you’re not wearing?

Perfume (forgot today)

28.Your favorite store?


29.Your favorite color?


30.When was the last time you laughed?


31.Last time you cried?

Last week

32.Your best friend?

Far away 😦

33.One place that you go to over and over?


34.One person who emails me regularly?


35.Favorite place to eat?


Okay, Done. Now I tag anybody who stumbles upon this and feels like taking it up.

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And We Have A Winner

Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, many thanks to all of you who tried to guess the damn vegetable. I really appreciate your persistence to keep checking back.

And we have a winner now… None other than Roop who just refused to give up and kept trying and trying and saved me from the misery of leaving this riddle unsolved and this tag broken.

So Roop, Congratulations once again and you can now continue this tag.

The vegetable is CHAYOTE. And I have no idea what I am going to do with it now. May be I will find some recipes online later. But for now I will just let it sit on my table in the plate while I am off to a vacation. Hubby Dear managed to take Friday off and we are getting ready to leave as I am typing this. Will be back on Sunday with pictures of the beautiful place. Till then… Bye Bye…

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Hint for the Riddle

The riddle was a bit too thorny to solve
Or there aren’t many people reading my blog
Which I think may very well be the case
And I have to tell you, for me it is a disgrace

Or may be there were people who just lurked
And simply thought they rather shirked
Coz not everyone is smart you know
To guess the picture I posted two days ago

Sorry guys for sounding so rude
But I only have frustration to exude
Coz I really don’t know what to do
If no one solves it even after this clue

To guess the name of this gourd
You don’t have to be any warlord
Just search in Yahoo or Google
And you will know the answer to this puzzle

You will need two words for searching
Or you can do your own researching
Coz I know many of you are really smart
To solve it without the hints that I impart

The first word which will help you in your pursuit
Actually gives strangeness to this fruit
The second word may be the class you think it belongs
Oh God this rhyme is becoming too long

But let me give you one more hint
Before I end my poetic stint
This gourd is often mistaken for a squash
And please don’t think this is all hogwash

Can anyone tell me what to do if no one is able to guess the answer to the riddle I posted in my previous post? No one mentioned the rule if no one is able to guess. Will this tag end here? 😦

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It’s Riddle Time

One day, when i was doing my usual blog surfing, I came across a riddle-me-this tag on Kiran’s blog. I tried to guess it but, that was not the correct answer 😦 . So i followed the tag from one blog to next, sometimes reaching late to guess and sometimes totally clueless of what the blogger had put up, till one fine day Perx put up a picture of a flower which i finally managed to guess :-).

And yay… i won and now i get to do this riddle-me-this tag.


The rules are:
1.Find something stranger than strange
2.Post its picture on your blog within the next two weeks.
3.The quiz remains open for 2-3 days.
4.All comments remain in moderation and after 2 days the winner, if any will be declared.
5.The winner then gets to continue this tag.
6. If the winner is the previous host, then that person will get to pick someone else from the people who guessed to carry on the tag.
7.You can use this logo designed by Manisha for the tag and make sure you link back to the host who passed it to you.

Now comes the difficult part… searching for something stranger than strange. So I visited some of the local farm produce stores till I found this:


Hubby Dear almost got his fingers pricked, trying to lift it to put it in a bag. This is how sharp the thorns are:


So go on now.. start guessing…

And BTW, it is kept on a standard dinner plate, incase anyone is wondering about how big it is.

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25 Random Things About Me

When you are not able to think of any good post to add on your blog and haven’t even received any interesting forwards lately and there is nothing else to do, do a tag. Now most of the bloggers I read have decided to be generous and tag all the readers in general and have also been considerate enough to leave it up to the readers to take it up or not. So here are 25 random things about me:

1. I hate people who lie to me. It is not like I never lie, but if I catch someone lying to me I would never forget that for the rest of my life. And I would also let the person know that I know he/she is lying.

2. I don’t wish bad for people who did wrong to me. But I get a weird satisfaction, a sadistic pleasure if something bad (not something extreme) happens to them.

3. I don’t think there is any age for learning anything. I have a lot of things that I wanted to learn since childhood and I would pursue them as and when time permits.

4. I learnt Karate at the age of 28. It’s a different thing that I got bored within 3 months and quit. Was due to the karate school though. Realized they were too commercial after starting there.

5. I was extremely afraid of water going into my nostrils when I was in water. I would never let go of the side railing in the swimming pool and if I had to take a dip would always close my nose with a hand. I never thought I could ever learn swimming, but eventually managed to and that too at an age of 28. Wow I did grow up with age. 🙂

6. I love cooking but hate doing it everyday.

7. I love reading blogs. I think I may be addicted, coz my favorite blogs are first thing I check in the morning, even before reading my office emails.

8. While growing up I was fascinated with hostel life and wished I could study out of town. Never happened. Coz I always secured admission in a school/college near my house within my city.

9. I love to keep my house neat a clean and everything arranged in its proper place, but not able to do so every time and feel frustrated about it.

10. I believe everyone is entitled to live his or her life as he or she pleases. I hate when people assume I should be following certain customs just because I was born a Hindu.

11. I love having a career but at the same time feel like becoming a housewife or domestic goddess as some would call it.

12. I can catch a live lizard with my bare hands but I am extremely terrified of cockroaches or any other flying insects which look ugly.

13. I can watch any crap on TV for entire day. Even when there is nothing interesting on TV I can watch boring documentaries or repeated telecasts of the same episodes I already watched.

14. That also applies for movies; I can watch the same movie twice without getting bored. And I love watching movies. My personal record is 5 movies in a day. This was before 1992, before the era of cable TV. I watched one children’s film in the morning on DD, then a regional film in the afternoon around 1 PM I think, then a Hindi movie in evening at 4 or 5 pm, then went to friends house and watched some movie on her VCR and then came back home and ended up watching a late night movie. Don’t remember any of those 🙂

15. I am married for 3 years but I have known my husband for 12 years. We are friends since junior college.

16. When HD (Hubby dear) is working on his laptop at home, I feel like throwing water on the laptop but only restrain myself from doing so because it is his company’s property and eventually we will only have to pay for it.

17. I am extremely moody.

18. Hubby thinks I have lot of accessories but when time comes I don’t know what to wear. And that is true. I always have a tough time deciding what goes with what.

19. I love clicking pictures. At times I have even had fights with Hubby because he was tired and I wanted him to pose till I get the perfect picture.

20. I like moving furniture around house and rearranging stuff every once in a while.

21. I like Ajay Devgan very much. Fell in love with him after watching “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”.

22. I have a lot of problems with my teeth. Needless to say I don’t have a perfect set.

23. I like to sing but cannot sing with the sur and taal. That frustrates me. Thinking of taking singing lessons soon.

24. I like playing the devils advocate.

25. When someone forces me to do something, he or she can be assured that even if I wanted to do it I won’t do it, just for the heck of it.

Taking the tradition forward, I tag anyone who might be interested in doing this and has not posted anything for a while 🙂

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At Wits’ End

Don’t know where to begin. It was just this morning after reading Roop’s post about missing a flight and watching the video of the woman getting hysterical that I was thinking to myself, was I ever in a situation where I was so frustrated that I wanted to scream my lungs out. Although I get frustrated pretty quickly, I couldn’t recollect any such incident. So I just made a mental note of the tag she has at the end of her post and decided to think about it later. It was as if I asked for it, coz the events that unfolded in the evening really had me at wits’ end.

To start with I had a meeting at 5 PM which went on till 6 PM. Its not much of an issue normally since I am used to working till even later sometimes, but today I had planned on making Oysters coz Hubby Dear (HD) was asking for them for past few days. Now I had never ever cooked Oysters before and since I knew I was venturing into an unknown territory I wanted to have a lot of time on hand. I thought I can postpone it for some other day but since I had already thought of doing it as a surprise for HD, I decided to go with the plan against my better judgment. I called mom en route to the fish market restaurant to check if she knew how to cook them. I had never seen mom make them before but knew they were called “Kalva” in marathi. So asked her what’s the best way and she said just make them as you would cook other shell fish like clams also called as “ Teesrya” in Marathi.

I reached the fish market and was greeted by a lady who offered to help. I told her I am here to buy Oysters and she asked which ones. I felt so dumb. I should have at least researched before planning to this. She gave 2 different names which I don’t remember now and said one of them is more popular. I said I will take that. She asked how many. I asked how much are they for. I thought they are sold by pounds. But it was 87 cents each. I asked for 6. Don’t ask what made me come up with that number but 6 just felt right to start experimenting with. Then she asked a guy to give me 6 oysters and he asked how do I want them. What do you mean how do I want them just give them. Off course I didn’t say that to him instead just asked if I can see them first since I an buying for the first time. Felt so foolish. He showed me one oyster which was just like an elongated version of a clam with scales. I asked him how do I open it and he offered to open them for me but said he would charge more. I declined and instead just asked him to pack them as is. Damn I should have asked him to do the work but I thought I will just cook like regular clams and they will open once the water boils. To be double sure I asked him if that’s the way to do it. This guy who I thought initially knew everything about oysters didn’t know that and had to ask another guy. I didn’t feel so foolish after all that. The guy who I think was his manager started explaining me different method of cooking oysters, which btw are barbecuing, stewing or you can also eat them raw. But he did confirm that if you boil them they will open up as soon as they are done. I was so glad I was done there and headed home.

After reaching home I called up mom again to confirm if that’s the way to open the oysters. I had to double check when I am doing something new and mostly when I am not comfortable doing it. I washed them to clean the dirt on the outer shell and started boiling them around 6:30 PM. I remember this coz the episode of FRIENDS had just started. Within the first 20 minutes 3 of them popped open and I was so happy to take them out and detach the slimy creature from it. I decided to give the other 3 some time but they just refused to open. Meanwhile I continued cooking rest of the dinner. Every time the water went low I added more but kept them submerged. I was getting frustrated and for some reason angry on the Oysters. When you are so hopeful of doing something good for someone and things don’t workout your way you tend to get frustrated. But since I had started this all with good intentions, I decided to keep my cool and continue. When I was almost done with the rest of the dinner and when even the second episode of FRIENDS ended and SIENFIELD started I had it. It was almost over an hour now and the remaining 3 were boiling without any signs of opening up. Finally when I couldn’t take it anymore I just took them out, ran them under cold water and popped them open with a knife. And to add to my frustration it didn’t take much effort to yank it open this way. All that waiting for an hour gone down the drain along with the water I used to boil them in.

Now I don’t know why but I thought that clams that don’t open on boiling are the ones that have gone bad internally and associating the same logic to the other members of its family I decided to discard the other 3. But I had waited so much on them and didn’t feel like wasting them if I was wrong. So I called up mom 3rd time. This time she had gone for bath and dad picked up. With so much of calling even he got interested in this whole thing. He started asking me what is it exactly that I am cooking that needs so much of consultation. I quickly reiterated the same description I gave mom an hour ago and he came up with yet another name for it. Initially I thought it is called “Kalva” but he said if it was a white shell it is “Makhul” or some similar rhyming word which I am not remembering now. It really didn’t matter what it was called. I just wanted to make sure if it was OK to eat them. He said we don’t eat those things. Oh My God. Are you kidding me? There was no way I was backing out from here. Now even though I am from a non vegetarian family and we eat non veg almost everyday, there are some things that are strict no no in the house and we feel pukish at the very thought of someone having it. Some of banned items in the house includes, Vajari ( goat intestines I guess), Goat tongue ( I don’t know how can people eat it but they do), squid, small sharks and this Kalva or Makhul or whatever I was trying to cook. Meanwhile mom was done with her bath and to my much relief she said it is OK to eat them, just don’t eat too much coz they are hot. Hot as in substances that give a lot of heat to body.

And just when I was about to hang up, HD came home and gues what. He had bought more Oysters from a take out place. Me and mom burst out laughing leaving HD to wonder why two women would go crazy like this if someone gets Oysters. But in the back of my mind I was actually planning what to do with half cooked oysters I just yanked out of their shells. Since HD’s oysters were already cooked we decided to have them first and kept mine in the freezer. Now they better turn out good tomorrow.

To forget all this and relieve myself from stress I decided to go to gym. When I reached there however the TV in our apartment gym was left on by some idiot and some crappy program was going on. I played with the remote and the different controls on the wall for almost 10 mins to either change it or close it, only to find out nothing was working. All I wanted was to read a book peacefully while I walked on the treadmill. Was that too much to ask for? Finally when nothing worked I cursed the apartment guys for keeping substandard equipments and decided to continue with my workout. Tried to read the book amidst all the sound but couldn’t enjoy and was feeling more frustrated than the Oyster incident. Just then by Gods grace spotted a stool normally used for workout, but was moved way further from its original spot, exactly under the TV. Slowly climbed it and switched off the idiot box and resumed walking. For the first time after what felt like the most frustrating hours spent in kitchen I thought I did something smarter. Just then a guy walked in and all the getting happy feeling faded away. What if he switches the TV again? Off course if the remote didn’t work for me it wont work for him too. What if he uses the stool? What if he gets the same idea as I did? Damn I shouldn’t have left the stool lying there. But luckily he was more interested in his workout than the stupid box. And I completed my workout peacefully.

Thinking about all the events now doesn’t sound like it was the most frustrating day in my life. I am sure I have had much worse in the past, but don’t want to start thinking about them again. Don’t want more surprises tomorrow.

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