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When it comes to thoughtful and unique gifts I have to admit Hubby Dear has an exceptional talent and I cannot thank my stars enough for landing this genius. He has wowed me again and again, year after year by selecting the most perfect gift.

My birthday falls in the last week of January and then comes the valentines day and immediately in the same week is our anniversary. I don’t get wowed and surprised 3 separate times however. If you are feeling sad for me now, don’t be. Coz Hubby manages to pack the excitement of all 3 separate occasions in one single installment. Yes!! I get one great gift, made special by the extra thoughtfulness he puts into selecting it and which just blows me away.

Two years back he gifted me a beautiful pearl pendant and earring set because he had heard me mumbling to myself about not having a matching pearl necklace to go with my pearl earrings. Before that he gifted me a set of diamond earrings and a solitaire ring because i had told him sometime that I don’t have any real diamond jewelery. Last year it was another beautiful silver pendant and earrings set. Not once had I told him what I want and yet he managed to get me the most perfect possible gift. And he also keeps tossing in small random gifts throughout the year just to lift my mood if things are not going too well with me. So far his gifts have included a music CD of my favorite music album, a book by an author I love to read, soft toys, perfumes, a jacket, flowers and many more. Sometimes he also comes home early and cooks the dinner and tidies up the home before i reach home.

But this year he has exceeded all the limits he had set in the past. He just raised the bar to a whole new level.This cozy swing is what he gave me this year.
Since childhood I have always loved swings. At my uncles house there is a big wooden swing in the veranda, the kind of which fits 3-4 people. I spent most of my holidays at my uncles house and of those days I have spent the maximum hours on that swing. It wouldn’t matter if it was day or night, raining or sunny, or if I just had my meal or am waiting for one. If i had nothing else to do, I would just clear the space around it and ride the swing experiencing the thrill of soaring higher and higher in the air. Sometimes others feared I might hit the wall behind me and fall but nothing stopped me from going higher and higher.

I have always told Hubby that when we move to back to India, I want to hang a cane swing chair in the house. Where I can just relax after the days work or spend time reading a book on weekends. I never thought the dream would come true so soon. I have spent the past few days enjoying the bliss in my patio. My patio never looked so inviting, not even when the plants were blooming.
All because someone cares for me and understands me so well and knows the small things that even I don’t realize can make me happy. Maybe that is what real love is and the hubby has always defined it so perfectly.


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